East Med Yacht Show


Yachts 2013

Thumbnail image APHRODITE M/S 23.90 PSARROS SHIPYARDS, GREECE Owner Operated
Thumbnail image SANJANA M/Y 32.86 LEIGHT NOTIKA  Mayfair Luxury Yacht Ltd.
Thumbnail image EFI M/S 24.00 PSARROS SHIPYARDS, GREECE Istion Yachting Ltd.
Thumbnail image AVENTURA II M/Y 17.80 AZIMUT All4 Yacht Charter
Thumbnail image ANASSA A M/Y 26.80 CANADOS Atalanta Golden Yachts
Thumbnail image DALOLI M/Y 37.00 HEESEN Cape4 Yachting
Thumbnail image XTREME M/Y 21.34 DOMINATOR Owner Operated
Thumbnail image DILIAS M/Y 23.90 POSILLIPO Cape4 Yachting
Thumbnail image DRAGON M/Y 37.05 COUACH Athens Yachts
Thumbnail image DUKE M/Y 31.43 AZIMUT Atalanta Golden Yachts
Thumbnail image BIEN ESTAR M/Y 23.00 GHIBLI Cape4 Yachting
Thumbnail image IDEA! Cat 15.85 LAGOON Istion Yachting Ltd.

 Thumbnail image MAGIX M/Y 37.73 HEESEN Yacht Zoo
Thumbnail image PARIS- A M/Y 35.00 MAIORA Athens Yachts
Thumbnail image BLUE DREAM M/S 35.00 BLUE SEA
Owner Operated
Thumbnail image HELIOS M/Y 35.05 FALCON Atalanta Golden Yachts
Thumbnail image EGO M/Y 19.92 RIVA
Ekka Yachts
Thumbnail image AURORA M/Y 26.00 TECNOMAR Aris Drivas Yachting
Thumbnail image POSEIDON M/Y 17.18 AZIMUT Mayfair Luxury Yacht Ltd.
Thumbnail image OBSESION M/Y 30.63 BAGLIETTO Athens Yachts
Thumbnail image OBSESSION M/Y 17.00 SUNSEEKER Owner Operated
Thumbnail image MABROUK M/Y 38.30 CANTIERI DI PISA Seascape Yacht Charters
Thumbnail image MILOS M/Y 17.40 AICON YACHTS Owner Operated
Thumbnail image ELVIRA Cat 15.50 LAGOON Hermes Yachting
Thumbnail image NOVA Cat 19.81 LAGOON Istion Yachting Ltd.
Thumbnail image CALLISTO S/Y 24.38 SWAN Istion Yachting Ltd.
Thumbnail image TROPICANA M/Y 26.70 AZIMUT Parsifal Yachting S.A.
Thumbnail image JOHN GINA- ELEANNA M/Y 18.00 AZIMUT Owner Operated
Thumbnail image AELLO S/Y 33.30 MAX OERTZ S.A.R.L. Yachtzoo
Thumbnail image AEGEAN SCHATZ M/S 30.00 TURKEY Owner Operated
Thumbnail image ENDLESS SUMMER M/Y 36.00 WESTPORT Athens Yachts
Thumbnail image PANTHER 2 M/Y 35.00 MONDOMARINE Athens Yachts
Thumbnail image LADY P I M/Y 29.00 VIPSHIP ITALY Owner Operated
RAGUS-small RAGUS M/Y 23.98 FERRETTI Blue Line Yachts-Afroudakis Yachting
PROTEUS-small PROTEUS M/Y 34.55 FALCON-ITALY Megisti Blue Yacht Charter
IRIS-small IRIS M/Y 30.95 FERRETTI Megisti Blue Yacht Charter
AMADEUS-small AMADEUS S/Y 31.22 DYNAMIQUE Big Blue Yachting
PEGASUS-small PEGASUS M/Y 17.60 PERSHING SPA Blue Line Yachts-Afroudakis Yachting
Obsession-Falcon-small OBSESSION M/Y 28.29 FALCON C.T.M. ITALY Big Blue Yachting
Absolute-King-small ABSLOLUTE KING M/Y 30.70 FALCON C.T.M. ITALY Big Blue Yachting
Monte-Carlo-small MONTE CARLO M/Y 30.70 FALCON C.T.M. ITALY Aris Drivas Yachting
Almyra-small ALMYRA M/S 24.40 TURKISH SHIPYARD Atalanta Golden Yachts
nereida-small NEREIDA S/Y 13.95 NIGEL HALIWELL Owner Operated
Iraklis L-small IRAKLIS L M/Y 31.80 ONAR SHIPPING, PERAMA Owner Operated
ANASSA-Cat-small ANASSA Cat 18.28 SUNREEF YACHTS Fyly Yachting & Travel Ltd
INFINITY-small INFINITY Cat 15.54 LAGOON Fyly Yachting & Travel Ltd
KENTAVROS-II-small KENTAVROS II M/Y 23.98 FERRETTI Atalanta Golden Yachts
POLLUX-small POLLUX M/Y 33.10 CANTIERI DI PISA Seascape Yachts Charters Ltd
MYSTIQUE-small MYSTIQUE Cat 15.24 LAGOON Istion Yachting Ltd.
MOONLIGHT-small MOONLIGHT Cat 15.54 LAGOON Fyly Yachting & Travel Ltd
OURANOS N.P.-12117-small OURANOS M/Y 45.00 TECNOMAR Cape4 Yachting
SALCA-small SALCA M/Y 18.75 FERRETTI Blue Line Yachts-Afroudakis Yachting
FLEURTJE-sailing-small FLEURTJE S/Y 57.00 G DE VRIES LENTSCH Jr Owner Operated
DANA-small DANA M/Y 26.22 FERRETTI CUSTOM LINE Atalanta Golden Yachts
Lucignolo-small LUCIGNOLO M/Y 20.40 AICON Istion Yachting Ltd.
panorama-small PANORAMA S/Y 53.00 G POLOS A DRES LTD Owner Operated
pouaro02-small POUARO M/Y 28.00 FALCON All4 Yacht Charter
GEORGE.P-small GEORGE P M/Y 28.00 AB Yachts Cape4 Yachting
KOS-450-small KOS 450 Cat 13.96 LAGOON Owner Operated
HAVILLO-small HAVILLO S/Y 24.00 SEBERGE Ocean Independence AG
QueenOfDatcaS Queen of Datca S/Y 29.09 Yener Yat Ltd. Owner Operated



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