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 IP Net Solutions  Networking Applications  IPNet is a is an innovative and customer centric service company operating in communications, IT, and multimedia. Self-funded company, incorporated in 2003 has a successful course in the field of networking and multimedia electronics for nearly a decade. We bring together services and technology into custom/tailor-made packages covering a wide range of clientele: from business and organizations to home and yacht entertainment.
HARTIS-SAIL LA VIE Integrated Nautical Services  HARTIS specialises in providing Internet Geo-Information Services in the maritime and sea tourism sectors. www.hartis.org 

SAIL LA VIE is an Internet based yacht charter broker providing end-to-end sailing experiences is Greece. Sail la Vie is licensed by GNTO (EOT) and offers a special collection of high quality yachts and experienced skippers. Our platform provides detailed sailing info, team building tools, online booking engine and mobile apps for planning and enjoying an outstanding cruising experience. Personalised assistance and attention to detail make Sail la Vie services unique. www.sail-la-vie.com 

SAIL-BOOK is a B2B real-time yachts management platform supported by a dedicated mobile app, which facilitates the collaboration of Yacht Owners, Brokers and Skippers worldwide. The integrated quality system "SAIL-SAFE" gives the platform a unique tool, which sets standards and evaluates yachts and charter services. www.sail-book.com  

SAIL-PILOT is the new mobile app providing detailed navigational information for the Greek Archipelago. Including the official Nautical Instructions of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service the Sail-Pilot app represents a mobile Greek Waters Pilot www.sail-pilot.com  
TRITON YACHTING S.A. Charter Brokers

Resqme is a company dedicated to teach the necessary skills that one must possess in the unlucky event that a fellow man or woman needs First Medical Attention.
It is imperative that people around us  are trained to be able to recognize and deal with a medical situation, especially when we are far away from a medical care centre such as a hospital.

Resqme will teach you the skills to recognize and deal with both life and not-life threatening situations such as:

Life threatening:                           Non life threatening:
Heart attacks                                  1st & 2nd degrees burns
Choking                                          Minor or heavy bleeding
Serious uncontrolled beeding    Bone fracture
3rd degree burns                          Minor choking
Stroke                                              Distress
Shock                                               Seizures
Drowning                                        Stings & bites
Allergies / Anaphylaxis 
Unconscious non breathing person
Spinal injuries
and more...

Resqme offers a wide range of First Aid seminars (Practice and Theory) on the clients' location and at their preferred date and time (based on prior agreement). Time needed for a complete seminar, depend on the chosen curriculum, can vary from 6 hours and onwards.

Resqme is a certified training company under RTI which is approved by the UK FOFATO and under the Ministry of Labour and Health Insurance of Cyprus with approval number TEE

Resqme, will present all participants with an international, world-wide accepted, "First Aid Provider" certification, with a 2 years validity. We can also offer refreshment courses every 12 months.

Fist Aid Material & Equipment
Resqme can also supply and support its clientele on a service contract basis, on all First Aid Materials that we can recommend based on their needs and requiremetns.

We, at Resqme, embrace Life...since this is what matters the most!
So be proactive and choose... Life first! 

BEST OIL Marine Diesel

Marine Diesel in Greece

Bestoil cares for your "get aways" providing you, since 1978, high quality oil for vessels in the most competitive market price.

With a large number of self owned fuel trucks, we can guarantee Your immediate service in any part of Greece your boat might be.

Our exprerienced staff will pleasantly surprise you and make sure that you will be satisfied by providing you with hight quality services. 

We provide a comprehensive, high quality range of engine lubricants and oils. 



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