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The currency used in Greece is the Euro. You can easily find many places, aside from the banks, that will change money. In many business establishments (souvenir shops, etc) you can pay by credit card, although cash is sometimes preferred. Exchange rates, even in small outlet stores, are updated daily. The Banks operate weekdays and they close at 2:30 pm (2.00 pm on Fridays). Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) are proliferating all over Greece and there are quite a few in Pireaus.


Aside from public phones Pireaus has a telephone center operated by OTE, the Telecommunications Utility Company of Greece as well as other authorized communication providers. Local phones are relatively inexpensive. The public phone booths operate with a card (like a credit card) that you can buy from any local general store. They come in different values each providing different talk times to different locations. The landline area code for Pireaus is 210, 211, 212, and 213. In order to dial from Greece abroad you need to dial 00 followed by your country's code.

There is an excellent cell-phone and 3G/4G internet coverage in nearly every place of the city. Please consult your country's cell-phone provider company for roaming charges.

WiFi spots can be found in many different spots around the city. Restaurants, tavernas, coffee shops usually offer wi-fi internet access to their clients free of charge. Hotels usually offer also internet access, but you are advised to ask the hotel about the coverage and -if any- extra charges that may apply.

Fax machines can also be found at any hotel, travel agency or tourist shop. Fax services are sometimes subject of a  reasonable charge based on the long-distance rate, however prior to use you are advised to inquire the price.


1. Police
In Pireaus, as everywhere in Greece, the telephone number for the police is 100. At the same number you can request help to call an ambulance and to call a firefighting unit. Policemen, most of times, speak English and you cal also utilize them as a source of information and directions.

2. Medical Emergency
If needed, you call 166 for an ambulance, although number 100 (police) can also be used. If you need a doctor or you can assist yourself to the hospital the medical care at a public hospital if free of charge. However, any prescription you will have to pay yourself at a local pharmacy. Most pharmacies close at regular store hours. However, in all regions, by law, certain pharmacies stay open overnight for emergencies. The pharmacies that are open are listed on the internet and in all major newspapers. The locals will also be very helpful in providing any information you may request.

3. Port Authority
The Main Port Authority of Pireus is available 24/7. For any information you can call +30 210 4511311. The Main Port-Authority except from assisting the smooth operation of East Med Yacht Show, will also be very helpful to you for any matter that falls into their jurisdiction.

If you are calling from a mobile phone, the international emergency phone number is: 112 (direct dial without any area or country codes). The use of this number is free from most providers around the world, and usually can be dialed from your cell phone even without a sim card.

As a final word however, please do keep in mind that during the Show, the Organizing Committee will always be available and eager to assist and advise you in any matter that may be of your concern.

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