East Med Yacht Show


Social Events

Saturday May 2nd 2015
 Welcome address and keynote speakers by officials (TBA) invited to inaugurate the summit
the Ministry of Tourism/GNTO, the Ministry of Shipping and from the Poros town authorities.
1.     Conference: TAX and VAT issues in the Med
Facts around the MED. Launching the 2014 season- what to expect – what should you know.
What has changed in the last 2 years Assistance – guidance – the various tax and VAT situations explained.
2.     Conference: NEW challenges and opportunities
New Greek law proposal explained.
FLAGS: what’s new in the Mediterranean.
3.     Conference: Marinas – developments in the East med
Facts Developments 
4.     Conference: Developing transportation in the Aegean
Air transport direct to the islands
The topography of tourism re-distributes embarkation bases around the Aegean
5.     Conference-presentations: SOS – Urgency support at sea.
Medical support
Technical support 
6.     Table - Ronde: New yachting issues in East Med. FAQ and answers
Unifying the legislation: Myth or reality? The issues.
Looking at the past. Development of maritime tourism and yachting in our area
The future of yachting
7.     B2B meetings and presentations
Services companies, medical, insurance, port agencies, tax agencies, destinations….
The conferences and meetings will be held in the SYGROU Town Hall of Poros, and will be followed by the official opening ceremony of the show.
Mrs. Olga Kefaloyianni* Minister of Tourism Greece, Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis* Minister of Shipping and the Aegean, Mr. Dr. C. Pallis President of the Greek National Tourism Organization , Mr Panos Livadas Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Tourism of Croatia*, the Board of Tourism of Malta*, Mr. Dimitris Stratigos Mayor of Poros, Mr. Lissandros Tsilidis* President of HATTA, Board members of Yachting Associations, Stavros Katsikadis President of Marinas Association of Greece, representatives of Port Authorities, guest speakers from the EU , Mrs. Maria Lekakou, Lector of the University of Aegean (CHIOS) maritime studies… and further TBA.
*: invited. Final list of speakers to be announced

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